Why Reed Tindal

Why Reed Tindal you ask?  The short answer is because we are dedicated to fully understanding your unique goals better than anyone, and we are determined to customize creative and specialized solutions to help you achieve them.

Our principals come from blue collar backgrounds where a person’s word is their bond.  We grew up knowing the importance of hard work, determination, honesty, and integrity, and we have carried those values with us throughout our personal and professional lives.  The Reed Tindal team will always be responsive, straightforward, and transparent throughout your entire transaction while representing you and your interests to the absolute best of our collective abilities.  As the successor of The Reed Group, Inc., we have decades of experience, a proven track record, and a database of well over five thousand qualified buyers with signed confidentiality agreements in place.

We have found that most people who ask this question are potential sellers of a business, so let us address that particular aspect of our practice. 

Our approach on the sell-side is unique in the industry.  We focus on people and relationships, not listings.  Because of that, we pass on more “listing” opportunities than most.  When we do agree to take a business to the marketplace, potential buyers know the business (1) has been properly vetted and prepared for a transition, (2) that it is both profitable and sustainable, and (3) that the current owners are motivated but not desperate.  That gives your business instant credibility in the marketplace and best positions you for a successful outcome at maximum value.  

To sum it up, you should choose Reed Tindal because we focus on you, your business, and your goals.  We specialize in offering quality opportunities, not large quantities of listings. Those in our industry recognize that difference and rely upon our selectivity.  Let the reputation we have earned help you properly exit the opportunity you have built.